Monday, July 25, 2016

Herbarium Moravicum Ryzlink vlašský 2010 pozdní sběr (Mikulov, lot: 0509110005/2)

Variety: 100% Welsh Riesling
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Wine appellation: Moravia, Mikulov sub-appellation
Vintage: 2010
Alcohol content: 11.0%
Color: medium yellow
Bouquet: very mineral, herby, citrusy
Taste: light to medium body, lime, white grapefruit, clean, austere, lean profile, good bottle maturity, medium to longer finish
Overall score: 4+7+11+7+7=86
Price: CZK 120
Stopper: cork
4th botlle of this wine tasted. very leand and clean. it looks like last botlle in the cellar. For previous tasting please refer to February 11, 2016.


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