Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mikrosvín Mikulov Rulandské bílé 1999 výběr z hroznů

Variety: 100% Pinot Blanc
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Wine appellation: Moravia, Mikulov sub-appellation, Březí village, Liščí kopec vineyard
Vintage: 1999
Alcohol content: 12.8%
Color: golden yellow
Bouquet: visibal botlle aged tones, but still not oxidated, bread, herbs, quite complex
Taste: medium body, citrus based preserve, dry apples, very good acidity and minerality, long nicely staying finish
Overall score: 4+7+11+7+7+50=86
Price: bought ages ago
Stopper: single piece cork
Another lost treasure from my cellar. This wine needed its time after opening to shown up, initailly quite closed, after 24 hours under vacuum opened up. Also initially used Riesling glass was not very good for the wine,  Montrachet glass prooved to be much better for the nose despite the wine being unoaked.

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